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E & O Insurance
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E & O Insurance
Diversified Crop Insurance Services


After having difficulty in placing E & O for our own agency, I realized that underwriters working with E & O had no idea what "Crop Insurance" was, and many had never heard of the Federal Crop Insurance program. It was because of this problem that I recognized a need for a company to step up with an E & O policy that would accommodate the crop only agent.

I feel we have in fact found a viable source for E & O in Houston International Insurance Group (HIIG). Their underwriters understand crop insurance, and we have found that when submitting quote indications back to us they are very competitive. Their policy also covers other lines of insurance if your agency is multi lines.

American Insurance Services, LLC and Houston International Insurance Group (HIIG )have partnered to provide your agency Errors & Omissions coverage.


Call us toll free at (800) 769-6015 if you have any questions.

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